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Folsom Concrete Landscape DesignConcrete involves pouring slab concrete for driveways, walkways, patios, etc. Next comes patterns and textures onto the concrete before it is fully dry. For many years, a lesser form of stamped concrete was often seen that merely duplicated patterns. But the newer types of stamped concrete impart textures that duplicate many different surfaces such as cobblestones, brick, pavers, wood, seashells, and more. Also, pigment is usually added to stamped concrete to further duplicate the look of such patterns.

Stamped Concrete Process

Place the concrete. Concrete should be no less than four inches thick. Add color. Color is added either in the mixer or after concrete placement. The first method is called "integral coloring" and the second method is called "broadcast or surface coloring." Broadcast coloring involves evenly spreading dry color across the surface of the concrete. Apply release agent. Release agent allows the texturizing mats to come off without taking off concrete. Lay mats. Texturizing mats are laid in succession. Since there are usually not enough mats to cover the entire surface, when one is finished it is applied to another area of the concrete, Let dry 24 hours, Pressure wash the release agent off, and Clear sealing.


Stained Patio Concrete

Stained Concrete has many benefits and advantages including allergy control, people who are prone to allergies don't get exposed to the dust and mites hiding under carpets. Stained concrete is also beneficial to the environment and a green building choice. Stained concrete can reduce utility bills. Because stained concrete uses the foundation already poured, it eliminates the need to cut down trees or use materials, like carpets, which consume large amounts of energy to manufacture. Stained concrete is very easy to maintain, Just sweep and mop with water. Stained concrete runs about half the price of hardwood floors.

Concrete Walkways

Stamped Concrete is one of the most popular materials for driveways and walkways and for good reason. Concrete is durable and requires little maintenance. It also gives you a number of versatile and decorative options in appearance. Before you can hire a company to begin pouring your Stamped concrete, you'll first need a plan. One of the elements where many homeowners don't spend enough time is driveway and walkway planning.

Driveway design, in particular, will help ensure your concrete installation doesn't run into problems. Naturally, you'll need a wider driveway for two cars, although if your house is setback from the road, you may want a single-car driveway that expands to accommodate two cars near the house. Stamped Concrete driveways can be poured in any size or shape. You might want to consider a curved driveway to maximize the curb appeal of your driveway and your outdoor landscaping.

Using Quality Materials for Concrete Driveways

Stamped Concrete Landscape DesignThe professional standard for pouring concrete is that you should not use less than a five sack mix (five sacks of cement per cubic yard) or a compressive strength of not less then 2800 PSI for a driveway. Concrete should be a minimum thickness of four inches and placed on a well-compacted surface. Expansion joints should be placed so that no section of concrete exceeds 150 square feet and so the joints are no farther apart in length than twice the width. The depth of the joints should be a minimum of one-fourth the thickness of the slab. For example, a four-inch slab needs one-inch deep joints.

Concrete Driveway and Walkway Cost

It's difficult to quote estimated costs of concrete installations simply because the price of concrete varies so much depending on locale. Transporting concrete to your home accounts for more of the cost than you might imagine. We can tell you, however, how the cost of concrete is cheaper than pavers, brick, or precious stones, such as cobblestone. Concrete will probably be more expensive than asphalt, generic stone, or gravel. Since stone requires quite a bit of maintenance, asphalt allows for versatility in appearance, and gravel is tacky, concrete is the material of choice for homeowners who want a beautiful, durable driveway without paying top dollar.


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