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Folsom Landscape Garden DesignWhether you’re strolling through the garden under the light of the moon or enjoying the afternoon breeze in the midst of the sweet floral aroma, the design of your garden paths should add an element of romance and an air of mystery to your outdoor design. The following materials are ideal for constructing pathways and patios in your garden landscape design:

Landscape Gravel is economical and easy to maintain.

Landscape Bark is another inexpensive, yet beautiful, flooring option.

Interlocking stone or brick pavers add an elegant charm to your English garden design and typically blend well with modern home styles.

Consider these tips when you design your paths and terraces:

  • Landscape garden style boasts a relaxed, free-flowing ambiance. Design paths to be functional, but primarily to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space.
  • Opt for curves and soft angles in your landscape design rather than straight lines and sharp corners.
  • Allow colorful flowers, sprawling greenery, and aromatic herbs to gracefully brush the edges of your paths for a natural, rustic appearance.
  • Combine various path materials for a more authentic landscape garden look. Stone pavers are a nice match for both gravel and brick.
  • Choose natural, unobtrusive colors for pathway materials.
  • Grass is also an important element of your  garden landscape design. Plan sitting areas and other functional areas amid lush green lawns that allow you to enjoy the charm of your outdoor space.

Here are some tips for attracting nature to your garden:

  • Create natural animal habitats with decorative arrangements of rocks, branches, or other natural elements.
  • Select plants that attract butterflies, insects, and hummingbirds, like lavender, clover, and asters.
  • Ponds and natural waterfalls are scenic additions to your garden and are inviting to birds, frogs, and other wildlife.
  • Make your garden alluring to birds with colorful berry bearing shrubs, decorative bird feeders, and rustic bird baths.
  • A natural, meadow style yard design will be the most appealing to native wildlife.
  • Rustic wooden fences or decorative stone or brick walls make wonderful barriers and can add to the English garden style with climbing plants like wisteria and fragrant jasmine.
  • Tranquil gazebos and scenic bridges make charming additions to your English garden landscape design.

Folsom Landscape Garden DesignFolsom Landscape Design English Gardens

The English  style literally swept away the geometries of earlier English and European Renaissance formal gardens. The naturalistic English Garden style of the 1730s and on transformed private and civic garden design across Europe. The French Garden subsequently continued the style's development on the Continent.

The furnishings and decor you add to your garden design can greatly influence the overall theme of your outdoor area. When you plan your English garden landscape design, think simple, natural, and romantic and consider these accessories:


  • Outdoor furniture with a weathered appearance is typical. Hardwood or teak garden furniture typically complements the English garden style.
  • Design sitting areas to overlook the most scenic spots of your garden. Rustic garden benches and small tables with chairs are perfect choices.
  • Garden arbors and trellises are key elements in the charm of English garden styles. Arbors with small benches can be covered with creeping, graceful ivy, richly sweet roses, fragrant honeysuckles, and a variety of other aromatic and attractive plants for a natural oasis that makes an ideal reading spot.

We recommend perusing our Garden Store for your outdoor furniture, outdoor accessories and landscape installation products. We have spent several hours scanning the web for the best products and prices to help our valued readers save time and money bringing the very best products to you in one easy spot.

Folsom Landscape English GardenEnglish Garden Plant Life

The English garden style is full of natural charm created by an abundance of colorful, untamed plant life. As with any landscape design, it is important to select a variety of blooms and shrubs to keep your yard colorful and vibrant year round. The following suggestions are just a few ideas for plants to include in your design:

Shade is an integral part of an English garden. Select plants that grow well without direct sunlight for these areas:


  • Delicate roses of various hues
  • Lily of the valley, a native spring flower in English gardens
  • Fragrant, creeping honeysuckles
  • Dainty, bright primroses
  • Colorful foxglove

Potted plants make attractive arrangements in your landscape design. Try these suggestions: Violas, forget-me-nots, and cornflowers are ideal for pots in shady areas Pot petunias, fragrant lavender, and herbs like rosemary with the charm of trailing verbenas to display in sunny areas

Other English garden plants include:

  • Geraniums are attractive and require very little maintenance
  • Grannies Bonnets add splashes of color to your landscape
  • Peonies provide vibrant colors
  • Aromatic sweetpeas are beautiful and create a romantic fragrance
  • Delphiniums are essential plants in any English garden design

Folsom LandscapingEnglish garden landscape designs are unique and require special attention to planning details. Similar styles, including the quaint cottage garden designs and the French country gardens , have the same relaxing charm but may be more appropriate for your property. Contact us by filling out the simple Contact Form for complimentary on-site design regarding a custom English garden landscape design. Our team of expert design and design-build specialists can create just the right design to complement the beauty of your home.






Folsom Landscape Design Cottage gardens

A cottage garden uses an informal design, traditional materials, dense plantings, and a mixture of ornamental and edible plants. Cottage gardens go back many centuries, but their popularity grew in 1870s that used restrained designs with massed beds of brilliantly colored greenhouse annuals. They are more casual by design, depending on grace and charm rather than grandeur and formal structure.

The earliest cottage gardens were far more practical than modern versions with an emphasis on vegetables and herbs, along with fruit trees, beehives, and even livestock if land allowed. Flowers were used to fill any spaces in between. Over time, flowers became more dominant. Modern day cottage gardens include countless regional and personal variations of the more traditional English cottage garden.

Folsom Landscape Design Shakespeare garden

A Shakespeare landscape design garden is a themed garden that cultivates plants mentioned in the works of William Shakespeare. In English-speaking countries, particularly the United States, these are often public gardens associated with parks, universities, and Shakespeare festivals. Shakespeare gardens are sites of cultural, educational, and romantic interest and can be locations for outdoor weddings.

Signs near the plants usually provide relevant quotations. A Shakespeare garden usually includes several dozen species, either in herbaceous profusion or in a geometric layout with boxwood dividers. Typical amenities are walkways and benches and a weather-resistant bust of Shakespeare. Shakespeare gardens may accompany reproductions of Elizabethan architecture. Some Shakespeare gardens also grow species typical of the Elizabethan period but not mentioned in Shakespeare's plays or poetry.

Folsom Landscape Design Rock garden

Rock garden plants tend to be small, both because many of the species are naturally small, and so as not to cover up the rocks. They may be grown in troughs (containers), or in the ground. The plants will usually be types that prefer well-drained soil and less water. The usual form of a rock garden is a pile of rocks, large and small, esthetically arranged, and with small gaps between, where the plants will be rooted. Some rock gardens incorporate bonsai.

Some rock gardens are designed and built to look like natural outcrops of bedrock. Stones are aligned to suggest a bedding plane and plants are often used to conceal the joints between the stones. This type of rockery was popular in Victorian times, often designed and built by professional landscape architects. The same approach is sometimes used in modern campus or commercial landscaping, but can also be applied in smaller private gardens.

The Japanese rock garden, in the west often referred to as Zen garden, is a special kind of rock garden with hardly any plants. The Rock Garden is a sculpture garden in Chandigarh, India. Spread over an area of forty-acre's. It is completely built of industrial & home waste and thrown-away items.

Folsom Landscape Design Japanese garden

Japanese gardens, originally influenced by early Chinese gardens, can be found at Buddhist temples and historic Japanese castles, private homes, in neighborhood or city parks, and at historical landmarks such as Buddhist temples and old . In Japanese culture, garden-making is a high art, intimately linked to the arts of calligraphy and ink painting. Since the late 19th century, Japanese gardens have been created and appreciated in Western countries.

Folsom Landscape Design Contemporary garden

The contemporary style garden has become very popular in the UK in the last 10 years. This is partly due to the increase of modern housing with small gardens as well as the cultural shift towards contemporary design. This style of garden can be defined by the use 'clean' design lines, with focus on hard landscaping materials: stone, hardwood, rendered walls. Planting style is bold but simple with the use of drifts of one or two plants that repeat throughout the design. Grasses are a very popular choice for this style of design. Lighting effects also play an integral role in the modern garden. Subtle lighting effects can be achieved with the use of carefully placed low voltage lights incorporated into paving and walls.

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