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Landscaper Renovations FolsomThe Pacific Landscape Team are true landscape remodeling professionals, we have tuned hundreds of typical Folsom landscapes into luxurious, and useable landscape paradise solutions.

Pacific Landscapes renovation design plans are unique and attractive, but most importantly functional outdoor paradises. At Pacific Landscape renovation we take into account every single detail in the renovation of your front, side, and back yard, including the size, the shape, and the terrain, and have all the tools and professionals needed to create the perfect Folsom landscape renovation design paradise according to your specifications. Folsom Landscape Design & renovation is a very important part of improving your home value as well as being able to use your landscape. Even with continuous trimming and maintenance of your landscape, it becomes quite the process after 10 years to control where plants are growing and overcrowding plants is something we see much of in Folsom. Depending on how close your past Folsom landscaper planted your trees and shrubs will depend on the extent of your renovation.

Folsom is second in the world next to france to having the most pollinated trees which means that trees in Folsom grow fast than that of anywhere else.


Folsom landscapers tend to over plant, While this style of planting creates an established look much sooner, it also creates a need to renovate landscape foundation plantings much sooner. This always applies when the wrong plants are used for plantings close to your house.

Most of our client's landscape renovation inquiries regard overcrowded plantings that are between 10 - 30 years old landscape designs. At this advanced stage of growth, shrubs sometimes end up blocking windows and doors and end up overpowering the house. This overgrown plant infestation in landscape plantings also crowd walkways, flagstone, spa and hot tub area, and gazebo or patio cover areas. This problem will also give your home that "old" and not up to date feeling.

When is it time for some landscape remodeling?

You know when you walk out a door from your home and you have to step over plants its time for a landscape renovation. It often comes as a great surprise when clients learn that landscape plantings have a limited lifespan, and should be renovated once they are 10 - 20 years old. Trees are a little different, if they are planted in the right area than most times they will last much longer. It's the close proximity to Walkways, concrete slabs, and sidewalks that create a need for landscape renovations here in Folsom.

The Best part about landscape renovation and landscape design remodeling is that its typically 20 - 80% cheaper than new landscape designs. At Pacific Landscape Designs Renovation division we attempt to salvage all the existing plants and trees that are still in good shape. Depending on the style of plants you are currently working with new plantings and old plantings we see too much of a generation gap. 


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